The Center For Economic and Environmental Partnership in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry and the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Savings is implementing the Ukrainian Energy Investment Platform, a unique capacity building and market development project aimed at facilitating energy sector investment.

The Ukrainian Energy Investment Platform (UEIP) project addresses a vital need of the Ukrainian economy to develop and finance enterprises involved in implementing energy projects, including renewable energy and energy efficiency. At the heart of the UEIP will be a single, constantly updated, interactive database of projects and investors. This will provide Ukrainian project developers and potential investors with an extensive tool set for the search, selection and collaboration in the process of securing investment. In addition, the UEIP will provide centralized project access to the other market participants, many of which are also SMEs, essential for successful project financing by international investors, such as technical consultants, legal advisors, EPC contractors, equipment suppliers and others. The key function of the platform, carried out by the platform’s international team of investment professionals, will be a focused process of project preparation, screening and selection according to international investment standards. All investors wishing to gain access to the platform must also be screened.

The UEIP will create significant benefits for the Ukrainian economy by:

  • Providing the much needed mechanism for effective interaction between market participants at all stages of the investment process
  • Promoting market transparency
  • Providing investors with a reliable source of well-prepared, quality investment projects
  • Providing project owners access to qualified investors worldwide
  • Serving an important market development, educational and capacity building function by helping Ukrainian companies gain the necessary investment attraction expertise.
  • The UIEP will directly benefit Ukrainian people by:
  • Training energy development and financing professionals
  •  Creating new sustainable career opportunities in the energy sector
  • Facilitating access to reliable, cheaper energy sources
  • Improving the environment by increasing generation based on clean technologies.

Ultimately, the UEIP will result in a sophisticated and liquid market for energy development projects in the Ukraine, while also increasing energy independence from both Russia and the carbon molecule.

The platform will be implemented and managed by Traficon s.r.o., a CEE investment banking firm with extensive experience in financing renewable energy projects in the region

The UEIP is scheduled to start operations in Q4’2015


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