About us

What we do:
The Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, Inc. (CEEP) is a 501(c)(3)
not for profit New York corporation that organizes and sponsors programs and projects
that promote development of an effective and competitive environmental industry
and advance development of sound environmental business policies and programs.
In furtherance of these charitable purposes, CEEP:

Sponsors programs, prepares reports
and provides opportunities
for collaborative efforts
among industry, government,
trade organizations and associations,
institutions of higher learning and/or research,
interested firms and individuals
and the public in support
of such policies and programs
Encourages investigation, evaluation,
development and implementation of policies
and programs supportive
of the environmental industry
and enhanced environmental quality
Facilitates and participates in programs
and projects sponsored by governmental
agencies and others that bear on its
corporate purposes and objectives

CEEP’s Board of Directors has supported development of capacity,
and of an organizational philosophy, that enables CEEP
to serve in a unique role – as a bridge between economic
and environmental perspectives – by:

Convening processes that contribute to the formation and implementation of integrative and creative public policies
Sponsoring educational programs
that advance the development
and utilization of cutting-edge technologies,
knowledge and business
practices related to environmental quality
Serving as a catalyst for, and participating in,
collaborative activities among business,
government, trade groups, advocacy organizations,
institutions of higher learning
and research, and the public

Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership, Inc.
PO Box 8625
Albany, New York 12208 USA

Ira S. Rubenstein, Chairman

Ingrid E. Thompson, Executive Director

Donna C. Denley, Adminisrative Director

Ivan Grygoruk, Plenipotentiary Representative Eastern Europe and Central Asia